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Photo by Artem Bali

Far away from the crushing crowds of the big city, Swift Current is home to many artists who want to be able to hear themselves think. If you love the arts, consider visiting to check out some of these upcoming shows!


Existing on the border between fine craft and fine art, the Dimensions Touring Exhibition showcases the work of Saskatchewan’s most skilled and creative artisans. This inspiring exhibit comes to Swift Current on June 30 and will remain all summer – come see the incredible work done by some of the most quietly talented people in the world!


The Chautauqua Performing Arts Festival (it’s pronounced “shuh-taw-kwa”) returns to Swift Current on July 12-14! Featuring five fiercely original pieces of theatre, this is your chance to see a variety of great shows in the beautiful Lyric Theatre, which was established in Swift Current in 1812!

The Wild Dog Waits on The Concrete Path is an imaginative and hilarious farce about a big city school teacher becoming the principal of a Northern Saskatchewan school… and fighting wolves while doing it!

Fire in The Meth Lab is the story of two brothers on different sides of the law and is an incisive look into the bonds of family versus what it takes to survive in today’s world. Very powerful.

Mother’s Apron is a meditation on the bravery and power of frontier women, and what they passed down to their daughters, and their daughter’s daughters, simply by facing the unknown every day of their lives. A must-see.

Smilin’ Ryan is a musical show for kids, featuring the very talented and charming Smilin’ Ryan himself! He plays a number of songs in a variety of styles featuring great lessons for your kids. Should be a blast!

The full schedule for the Chautauqua Performing Arts Festival can be found here!

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